The Wishlist | xmas edition

Christmas is definitely one of the best times to surprise your loved ones. And when you have to make gifts for the little ones, don't worry, we have everything covered. These are the 10 gifts that all mothers (and fathers) will love to have for their babies.

My First Xmas Sock - Whisper Cream

The new essential acquisition for the Christmas season ideal for newbies , My First Xmas - Whisper Cream.

 Buy here (29.90 €)

Winterberry Jacket - Ecru

The must-have shearling jacket of the season, The Winterberry Jacket - Ecru.

Buy here (65.90 €)

Jasmine Body - Chalk White

The perfect Body for this season's wardrobe, Jasmine Body - Chalk White.

Buy here (45.90 €)

Calendula Pants - Chalk White

And the most comfortable pants to match, Calendula Pants - Chalk White.

Buy here (35.90 €)

Kale Headband - Chalk White

And you can't miss the cherry on top , ideal to accentuate the look, Kale Headband - Chalk White.

Buy here (16.90 €)

Xmas Heart - Chalk White

A detail that cannot be missing in Christmas trees, Xmas Heart - Chalk White.

Buy here (4.90 €)

Sheep Dou-Dou - Ecru

What can we say about him? In short, it is one of our favorite pieces of the season, Sheep Dou-Dou - Ecru

Buy here (35.90 €)

Honesty Teddy Booties - Ecru

There is nothing more essential than shearling booties for the coldest days, Honesty Teddy Booties - Ecru

Buy here (25.90 €)

Honesty Teddy Mittens - Ecru

And you can not miss the mittens from lamb to outfit, Honesty Teddy Mittens - Ecru

Buy here (20.90 €)

Snowfall Footmuff - Whisper Cream

And definitely, the favorite without a doubt for this cold winter , Snowfall Footmuff - Ecru

Buy here (75.90 €)

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