The Influencer Program - How to work from home

For some time now, my sister and I have commented on how difficult it is to return to work after having a baby... Maternity leave has never been enough, especially here in Spain. Then, it becomes more difficult to balance being a mother and a worker, since there is not enough time to be able to do everything.

For this reason, by starting the affiliate marketing boom and seeing how people can make a living from it, it was when we thought: And why don't we give those mothers the opportunity to work from home?

Who does not know about it, affiliate marketing is one of the most used ways to generate income on the internet. Basically, the company rewards its affiliates with a commission for each sale they generate.

Its origin comes from Amazon, creator of this method, in which different versions of the original have been created. Today, large multinationals already make use of it in their Marketing strategies.

And we, we could not be less. But in this case, our objective is to promote the empowerment of women and especially mothers, helping them to work from home.

How does it work?

You can collaborate with us through the Up Promote platform, where you will find different ways to promote our brand, both for specific products or directly through the e-shop.

What advantages does it have?

You can get a 10% commission for each sale made with your link.

Campaign materials with attractive offers to promote the product.

How can commissions be collected?

They can be charged up to 60 days from the invoice due date.

Join our program :)

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