Tiny Tots is a brand based in Barcelona, ​​specialized in handmade clothing and accessories for babies from newborn to 24 months. Directed by the sisters Cristina and Gemma, who started the brand at the end of 2019 in search of satisfying the wardrobe needs of babies around the world.

However, unknown to them at the time, the Tiny Tots name had been founded much earlier, in London on August 25, 1963, by none other than Kit, their grandmother.

Back then, Kit was looking for baby clothes for her children and when she couldn't find any that would suit her style, she decided to create her own. Finding great success selling to friends, family, and even strangers, he founded his own brand under the name Tiny Tots.

Cristina and Gemma are constantly innovating, creating new designs and being inspired by all those moms and dads who seek the fusion of neutrality and modernity when it comes to creating clothes for their little ones. At the same time, they also look for a design that is always avant-garde, but above all they also look for functionality and practicality.


Tiny Tots promotes local artisanal production in Barcelona. Created from carefully selected fabrics to ensure they are sustainable and, above all, gentle on babies' sensitive skin.



Artistically crafted and beautifully designed, each product from the Tiny Tots collections comes to life in small handmade workshops in Barcelona.

Attentive to every detail and careful in manufacturing processes to ensure that products are not only affordable, but also stand the test of time.



The fabrics of the Tiny Tots collections are carefully chosen according to the materials with which they are made. Ecological materials are preferred, whether organic or recycled, and then the touch, being very soft and pleasant for the sensitive skin of babies.



Tiny Tots is inspired by those moms and dads who seek the fusion of neutrality and trend when choosing clothes for their little ones. At the same time, avant-garde products are designed, but above all, functionality and practicality are sought in each garment.

In each collection they want to communicate a new form of consumption and a slow and permanent lifestyle.